A few more stories: Manchester Evening News

Another short post, just to pull together the output of a couple of weeks spent working with Trinity Mirror Regionals’ recently established data journalism unit.

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The unit have adopted a smart operating model that makes the most of the reach of the Regionals group of papers, and the fact that, when it comes to dealing with national datasets, story ideas can be worked up efficiently by one central team before being offered to local teams.

Similarly, if something works well as an FOI request in one part of the country then in many cases it will work well elsewhere too.

The focus of my work with the unit was therefore on supporting the whole Regionals family. I did find some data/story ideas which lent themselves to stories for the Manchester Evening News, though, and – originating from that part of the country – couldn’t resist writing those myself. Stories as follows:

There also seems to be widespread acceptance across the group of the benefits which a good visualisation can bring to a web story, so I produced a couple of interactive maps, used by the MEN, and the Newcastle Chronicle.

Antidepressant prescriptions on the increase in Hackney

Antidepressant prescriptions in Hackney have increased by more than a fifth in four years, analysis of NHS figures shows.

The number of prescriptions went up from 92,082 in 2008-9 to 112,569 in 2011-12, according to NHS Information Centre data, an increase of 22.3 per cent.

The data, covering prescriptions by City and Hackney PCT GPs, may reflect growing levels of mental ill-health brought on by job insecurity and money worries caused by the recession.