Free school Ofsted ratings

Opening up Ofsted data on free schools – part three

A completely overhauled front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/D3)

I’ve written previously about the scraper I’ve produced, which grabs Ofsted inspection ratings for open and closed free schools. (See here for a blogpost on the Python back-end, and here for a blogpost on the original front-end.)

Briefly, my reason for doing this was that there’s no easy way to get up-to-date Ofsted ratings for a particular group of schools, such as free schools. And in the absence of a track record of exam results by which to judge the new schools, Ofsted ratings offer one of the few ways we have of assessing how they’re performing.

The front-end I’d built previously was *very* basic – effectively just a straightforward table, with no real formatting. It was written in D3 so that the table updated automatically when my scraper outputted new results, but that was about as sophisticated as it got.

While giving access to the scraped data, there were a number of things about the initial front-end which I wasn’t happy with. There was no way to filter, or sort, results. It was hard to get a quick handle on whether more schools had had positive ratings (outstanding/good), than had had poor ratings (requires improvement/inadequate). The site looked crap.

My reworked front-end is an attempt to fix these problems. (A bit of work was actually needed on the back-end too, to make all of the data required by the new front-end available.)

Check out the new front-end: Free school Ofsted ratings, updated daily

I don’t really have time, or space, to go into detail on every element of the new front-end. But for the key features/bits of functionality I’ve implemented, I’ve given a list below of the main resources which I used to get things working as I wanted (♥ StackOverflow).

For those interested in looking at my code itself, the site is hosted for free on GitHub Pages. The GitHub repo can be found here.

Making things work

Making things pretty

Box. Tick.

Boring but worthy

Here’s the site as it stands currently. If you’ve any questions or comments, then I’d be really happy to hear from you.

Oh, and the site’s not responsive yet. So don’t look at it on mobile/tablet.

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  1. […] here here [NB: the front-end as it now is was largely the result of work which I describe in this third blogpost about scraping the Ofsted […]

  2. […] here [NB: the front-end as it stands now was largely the result of work which I describe in this third blogpost about scraping the Ofsted […]

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