Former Met Police buildings go on sale across London

Former Hackney Central police station. Photo: Knight Frank
Former Hackney Central police station – one of a number of sites currently being marketed. Photo: Knight Frank

In March this year the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) announced that they would be closing a number of police stations as part of moves to save a forecast £60m, with 29 of the buildings to be sold off.

A few days ago I noticed that one of the sites earmarked for disposal – the former Hackney Central police station – had gone on the market with estate agents Knight Frank, resulting in this story for the Hackney Citizen.

The turnaround between the police leaving the building and the site being listed for sale has been quick – less than a month between it closing its doors as a police station and the site being put up for sale.

And a quick browse on property site Zoopla turns up listings for a number of other former police stations which have been listed with similar speed:

In fact, while bids are still being accepted on some of the sites for a number of weeks yet, some buildings appear to have been put on the market before the Hackney site and show as being under offer already.

Several other police-owned buildings are also listed, with Mackenzie Trench House in Fulham, a number of residential properties in Connaught Gardens, Muswell Hill, and two houses on Radbourne Road in Lambeth all showing up in a search. (Note that this appears not to be a complete list of properties being sold – merely those that have gone up for sale already, and which showed up in a quick search.)

All sites are listed without guide prices, with a blind bidding process being followed.

When I spoke to them, both MOPAC and Knight Frank refused to comment on how much they were hoping to sell the former Hackney police station for, but, given the number of sites for sale and the prime location of many of them, MOPAC must be hoping the portfolio raises a figure in the millions of pounds.

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